Christina Stiehl

Writer, Editor, Journalist, and Content Strategist.

Christina Stiehl is New York City-based professional writer, editor, journalist, and content strategist with more than 12 years of content experience for digital media publications, magazines, tech companies, start-ups, and brands. She's a pro at translating complex topics into easy-to-read content that informs audiences and drives engagement and sales.

Christina has experience managing a team of full-time writers and editors, creating brand and style guides, collaborating on high-profile projects across company departments (including product, marketing, sales, growth, design, research, and engineering), and a proven track record of growing an audience of engaged and loyal readers and users. 

She specializes in writing content in a multitude of formats: long-form reported features, service articles, SEO explainers, listicles, short news posts, celebrity interviews, product reviews & e-commerce, personal essays, social media posts (including for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), UX copy, website landing page copy, blog posts, and branded content for clients. Although the majority of her career has been in the health and fitness space, she also has experience writing about entertainment, lifestyle, sex & dating, parenting & babies, celebrities, and much more. 

Please poke around the site and check out some of her published work for top names in media and tech including SELF, Vice, Shape, Men's Health, Well+Good, Popsugar, Wondermind, What to Expect, Thrillist, Noom, Equinox, and more. Christina is currently taking on freelance writing and editing work and would love to work with you! Just click on the "Contact" tab to get in touch.

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Why Mental Health Matters

When I was 14, I was diagnosed with depression. I had spent the entire school year feeling empty, like each day was a hopeless endeavor in a life that wasn't worth living. When I wasn't in school or at play practice, I was sleeping. Previously an honor student, I struggled to maintain Bs and Cs. I frequently contemplated suicide, envisioning the scenarios in which I could take my life while inflicting the least amount of trauma on my family.